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Name:Mods of Coba
Birthdate:Jul 11
Welcome to the city of Coba.

At first, it's just like any city you've been to or heard of before. Familiar buildings and other things line the streets, and people dressed just like you are bustling from place to place, carrying on with their day without a care in the world. And it is just like that - any other day. There's nothing out of place or strange at all.

That is, until you walk into someone wearing full medieval garb and the world blurs.

What were once skyscrapers are now smaller buildings, made of wood instead of metal. Bikes parked on the sidewalk are gone, replaced with horses tied to poles. The street is no longer cement but gravel and dirt and the people who were once dressed like you are wearing their own medieval fashions . . .

You see someone else dressed like they stepped out of a sci fi movie and the world blurs again. The skyscrapers are back but far more angled, with welcoming, lit pathways and other things you've only ever dreamt of. And those horses? Well, they've turned into hoverboards. What?

A second later, it all blurs again and the city is back to the way you first saw it.

You could go back the way you came, but . . . why would you want to?

COBA is a free-form non-jamjar roleplay that's set in a city that is doing its darndest to match your character's setting . . . and everyone else's. Come for the changing locale, stay for the mystery.
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