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  Scattered around Coba are the standards of any city; the fire and police department, the hospital, the city hall - despite how often Coba changes, these locations generally stay within the same area, give or take a block or two. They're the foundation of the city, what keeps it running and keeps it safe.

The Police and Fire Department (B3)
  Located in the northern part of Coba is her fire and police department, two brick buildings that sit side by side. They're both small by a normal city's standards, but then again Coba rarely has a desperate need of their services - although they're ready, just in case.

  The chief of police and the chief of the fire department are oddly, rarely around, although they will meet with anyone who wishes to volunteer their services by appointment. It seems as though most inquiries go through Leo, a 30-something, friendly firefighter.

City of Coba Hospital and Labs (D5)
  Located just outside of Coba's shopping and business district, Coba's hospital campus is far more modern than most buildings in the city. Advanced enough to care for anyone Coba brings in, Coba's hospital boasts a well-trained staff, clean and sterile facilities, and mysteriously delicious hospital food.

Next to that stands Coba Labs, a facility being used to study disease, pharmaceuticals, and a few other projects that seem to be CLASSIFIED. Anyone who wishes to volunteer their services are more than welcome, as both scientists and test subjects are always in need.

Inquiries regarding these locations go through Nora, a young woman who primarily works at the labs.

City of Coba University (F2)
  Seated in the southern part of the shopping and business district is Coba's pride - the university. While small by city standards, C of U boasts an excellent education program, fraternities and sororities, clubs, and anything else you'd find on any college campus.

Wish to transfer? Earn a degree or certificate? Start fresh? Somehow, some way, Coba's able to get your records from other universities, and enrollment is the easiest you'll ever encounter. Greek Life is alive and kicking as well, so come join a frat or just show up for one of their parties. Everyone's invited.

  The shopping district’s seen better days, no thanks to Junes, but it’s still hanging in there (Kanji’s family’s textile shop in particular). The textile shop is just visible in the back of this picture, past the shrine (here’s a closer look, and the inside); there’s a liquor shop across the street. The building at the foreground of the first picture is Aiya, only the best Chinese restaurant you can find. There’s also a bookstore, a tofu shop, and a gas station (but who knows why you’d want to hang out there).

Amagi Inn
  The Amagi Inn is a traditional Ryokan establishment held by her family for many years. The inn is massive and can host parties of all kinds in their banquet rooms and rest in their very luxurious guest rooms. But what the inn is most famous for is the natural hot spring.

  In other words, think of those grand traditional and very luxury inns and you got the Amagi Inn.

The Gazebo on the Hill
  Above Inaba, a little ways outside of town is a hill, an very important, and private spot. At this hill, there is a gazebo, some benches, and an excellent place to watch fireworks as well as a general good place to get away from people. It is a simple spot, but high above everything, and quiet most often.

Persona House and Izanami's Shrine (private)
  "Persona" house is a lovely, Grecian-style building with three floors, and a lot of living space. The outside is well maintained, and features a lovingly taken care of garden as well as a comfortable hot tub. Inside, there are multiple bedrooms to house the owners, amongst other things.

  Follow the embankment next to the house down, and you'll find yourself at an out of place Japanese-style shrine, at least when compared to the house. Like the garden at the house, the greenery outside the shrine is well taken care of, and the inside is much the same you'd expect from a shrine dedicated to a death goddess.

Shirogane Investigations
  Next to Tatsumi Textiles in the Inaba shopping district, in what used to be a vacant shop is a detective agency. On a glass window in the front, there was, in a very simple font: Shirogane Investigations.

  Inside, it looks very much like a 1950s noir detective's office. A secretary's desk with requisite computer and telephone is in front of a door that leads to another office, outfitted with its own computer and desk, along with bookshelves and some file cabinets. In the main office In the main office there is a sofa, some magazines (is that one in Elvish?) and a coffee maker on a side table with some mugs and cookies.

Black Books
  A small building that is spilling out books from its store front. The entire shop is from London in the early 2000s, with most of the literature spanning nearly every time period (thanks Coba!) in every imaginable quality - valuable first presses to cheap paperbacks all thrown about in a haphazard fashion. There are books everywhere. If you want a book, chances are it's in here. But you'll have to find it yourself.

  The inside of the shop is dark and poorly lit. It smells of cigarettes and paper, with Bernard's desk (and where the till is) being covered in papers, wine bottles and other unspeakable things. But the sole couch is comfy and well worn and

  The kitchen, dining and living room area are separated from the main shop by a curtain. That leads up to three upstairs bedrooms, a bathroom and a small balcony with a plastic garden table and rickety chairs.

  The top most floor is its own flat, inhabited by a cat, who seems to be the landlord of this place.

Dex's Diner
  Found in the Shopping District is a diner that gives one both a classic and futuristic feel. Most the latter, though, given that it's entirely run by robots and aliens alike. Come in and enjoy a classic cheeseburger, or something else that looks both alien and delicious.


Nameless Shrine Through the Woods (A8)
  Towards the northernmost edge of the town, a small forest has cropped up. A solitary entrance into the forest is marked by a solitary phone booth situated there. It's a bit too decorative to just be standing outside like it is but it seems to be in good repair and bears a rotary-style payphone inside. It seems to work without the need to pay however.

  Near said phone booth is an equally lonely looking bulletin board. There isn't much to be found upon it's surface beyond some weathered ads and a few handwritten notes here and there.

  Following a solitary path leading inward takes one to a lonely looking, abandoned shrine guarded by two inari statues. They seem reticent to most visitors but should the proper ones arrive, they may be a little more forthcoming. A shimenawa decorates the entrance above the bell one can ring and the offering box below it.

  It does appear the lanterns outside are lit at night for whatever reason however.

Mystic Falls and New Orleans (F11 - G12)
  Now you may be thinking to yourself - how the hell did Coba bring in a small town and a large city? Well, it's only part of those locations. The western part of this area is the small town of Mystic Falls, a couple of blocks of neighborhood that leads into the town center, where the always popular restaurant the Mystic Grill sits on the corner. Or was it that corner? For some reason, it tends to move.

  North of that are a couple of miles of woods that slowly blend into what seems to be the Lousiana Bayou, complete with a river that seems to lead off and out of the city. There's also a dirt road here, leading up to the Salvatore Boarding House.

  If one were to travel east, they'd find themselves right in the middle of New Orleans' french quarter, complete with celebrations either during the day or at night, depending on the date. Here you'll find the The Abattoir, owned by the Mikaelson family.

  Finally, separating the two areas is The Lafayette Cemetery, also known as the City of the Dead. Tombs of all shapes and sizes extend north at least a mile.

JP's Headquarters (E5)
  JP's (Japan Meteorological Agency, Geomagnetism Research Department) HQ is an elaborate underground facility, accessible via elevator underneath whichever building Coba may decide to place it. It is comprised of several sections and rooms, and can be a bit of a labyrinth to navigate.

  Once inside, the entrance way leads to various scaffold hallways that lead to assorted rooms, offices, labs, and even a hospital. The walls are lined with shelves filled mostly with books on history, politics, and mythology. There is the clock alley that is a scaffolding hallway behind the giant clock in the entrance way. This alley leads to simple bedrooms for personnel and guests. The railings prevent anyone from accidentally falling into the clockwork.

  The command room has two forms. This is the first (and the one that Hibiki mentally associates with the command room the most). This form has seven clocks of various sizes in a vertical line on the wall, and it too has scaffold hallways that lead to deeper in the facility. Another view (ignore the green ring monster), and yet another view.

  The second form has three large clocks and one smaller clock instead of the seven, and a giant pendulum swings down from it. Otherwise, they are identical.

Basketball Court (G2)
  It may be a little rundown, and for some reason it looks as though it's right on the outskirts of the city despite it's location, but it's no less a great location to get in a game or two of B-ball.

Cabo Luna (H4)
  It has a beach, a restaurant, a volleyball court, beach cottages where visitors can spend the rest of their night there, and an all-terrain track road where people can ride dirt bikes and other vehicles for racing and such.

The Embankment By The River (G6)
  Quiet, with a sunny, south-facing slope, a dock which was excellent for fishing off of, and a preponderance of stray cats, he walked its path every day between home and school, and sometimes worked at a daycare that played in the park pavilion on one side of it - the pavilion was also a favorite spot for quiet, private conversations with friends. Whether jogging, fishing, wading near the beach, feeding the cats, or lying on the hillside plucking flower petals and watching the clouds, it was the perfect lazy relaxation spot.

LAKE OF REMEMBRANCE / Memory(?) Channel

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This will not be quite as definitive as the others, as it's more of a suggestion than anything and I'm open to ideas.

Your local neighborhood [personal profile] solmedes has braved the wilds of Livejournal to return this relic from the long-departed [community profile] romancedressing:

====== ====== ======

Walk far enough and you'll come across this particular lake in The Gardens. A wide, deep pool circled by crumbling stone architecture. The air is cooler here and the water looks clear enough. It cascades down into the lake from a short waterfall, perfect for cooling off. Or if you don't want to get soaked, maybe you can sit by the edge and cool your feet off.

Something about this area speaks towards reflection and you find yourself thinking to your past...


♥ Your character is somewhere around this lake.
♥ Post your character or tag into another character's post!
♥ (Optional!) Both characters can be inclined towards sharing something of their past.

====== ====== ======

**ETA: Reading over the text again, I just noticed that the original post implies your characters will want to open up and convey things on their own; this is well and cool, but I also think it'd be a nifty option if we could like stare into the bodies of water themselves and see the events play out. (More on this in rest of the comment. XD)

Now, unlike RDR, this doesn't have to be a single fixed location in Coba, although it can be. (I wonder if it could have a sort of "lovers' lane" urban legend thing associated with it where people go to the place in order to become closer by viewing each other's histories.) It could even be a (super?)natural phenomenon of a sort, confined to natural preserves and the like - you're goin' about mindin' your business when suddenly there's an undetectable land shift and you find yourself staring at a body of water that wasn't there before. Could it be an ordinary phenomenon (which it easily could be, given Coba!), or is it one of the fabled Lakes of Remembrance?

(Bonus points: the fixed location Lake that's actually called the Lake of Remembrance only rarely works, enough that people still think of it as just a legend; it's the Random Encounter Remembrances that actually succeed 50% of the time, and they're not always lakes; they could be rivers, channels, pools etc.)

Basically, this was the early version of the Emotional Import meme that showed up on B-Street once or twice.

= = =
AND THIS NEXT PART I HAVEN'T IRONED OUT YET, but I considered splicing the above with Persona 4's Midnight Channel. Stare into a TV with the right caveats in place and you'll see a memory. (It's possible the M-Channel can be used for other things, certainly, but I don't know offhand how to balance it.)

Same idea as the pool, but I'm thinking of an additional caveat of needing the other person to be present for best clarity - perhaps very specifically as an invited/intended guest who has accepted said invitation of their own volition (similar to the concept of vampires who can't enter one's domain unless invited in). Perhaps obviously, I'm also thinkin' of home TVs for this purpose; while we could rule that public-place televisions simply don't work, it could be interesting if the attempt has unforeseen consequences...

Or perhaps the reverse: best clarity has a chance of happening when the person whose memories you're trying to view is both present and earnestly, unreservedly desires for you to see the memories in question. (Maybe you could view someone else's memories solo, but the quality would be really bad/flickery/in-and-out, etc. Or there's a chance something else entirely could come on the channel instead...)

For balance / to prevent abuse, we could have the ever-handy Doesn't Always Work caveat firmly in place, so that the memory-viewing only happens when both muns are in agreement.

IDK, just thoughts, whatchu guys think.

ETA: Even more bonus points. While it is possible for the events to be viewed in the same senses as an ordinary television program / movie, in some circumstances, the viewers can even be 'drawn into' the images, such that they feel as though they're actually there and experiencing not only the events, but the thoughts and emotions of all involved. (Still more bonus points: if the memory/past/history in question involves old RP threads, we can rule that the viewers personally feel and understand everything that occurred in the tags' narrations - the brackets and such.)

And they may feel somewhat jarred when finally coming out of it, all the more so if the memory in question was traumatic. (They get to feel the other person's thoughts/feels/angst/horror/love/joy/etc. as intimately as if they were experiencing it themselves.)

It could be a thing that that's a rareish occurrence, even as Remembrances go. Again, it might be best to leave it up to mun discretion. (This process ICly can even require a lot of preparation and still go horribly wrong! Unintended consequences, yeah.)
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Public Bath

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It's your typical and fairly standard sort of public bath found in Japan. It's quite a modern facility and houses the typical division based on gender with a male and female side.