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» G E N E R A L
What do you mean this isn't a Jam-Jar game?
Characters are free to come in and out of the city, interactions that happen outside the city still count as game 'canon'.

Then why would my character come back?
Coba is very persistent, it will want your character to come back and give them every opportunity to do so. Flying overseas? There's a layover in Coba. Taking a roadtrip? How curious, you're driving straight through Coba. Drank too much and don't remember last night? Weird you woke up in a bus heading to Coba.

What about NPCs? What's their deal?
NPCs are in general, friendly and willing to help, but much like the city itself, they will suit newcomer's needs and expectations. Batman comes to town? Crime spikes up in one of the neighborhoods.

What do you mean by "freeform" gameplay?
Freeform gameplay means people who want to prose can prose and people who want to action-spam can action-spam. As a rule of thumb, we recommend players follow the format of the person they're replying to but we're all for having fun and doing the thing that makes you happy.

What format is gameplay in?
There is no network in Coba, so all gameplay will happen in log/mingle format. In other words, the mods will put up a general post for anyone to play in - however, players are encouraged to make their own posts, either directed at the entire game or locked to specific players. We leave it up to you!

Aww, man! So I can't spam someone's inbox?
Not necessarily! While there is no network, if characters have devices on them that have inboxes/voicemails/etc, players are more than welcome to make a contact post in their journal. Coba will happily connect devices so her residents can chat with one another!

Don't have a character who uses a device? There's always a mailbox! Or maybe even a convenient bulletin board. (No, seriously, we encourage that too)

Is there a character limit?
For now, we're allowing players to reseve TWO characters, and app those characters when applications open. This will be changing some time in the future, so please keep an eye on any mod announcements we toss up about applications!

Okay! Then, who can I app?
We allow the following:
● Canon
● Original
● AUs
● CRAU (previous game CR, or PG)
● PSLs
● Fandom OCs AS LONG AS there is no relation to the main cast

We DON'T allow:
● Real people

But what if my character is dead?
No problem! Coba has a way to bring people back from the dead, so if your character has died in canon they can come to Coba as well!

However, if your dead character does try to leave the city, then they go back to whatever afterlife they were in when they died in canon. But that's just incentive to never leave, right?

What about non-humans/aliens/robots/androids/Transformers/etc?
All are welcome! Coba wil change to suit your specific needs, as always.

What's this I hear about shared universes?
We invite players who play from similar canons to make their universes one - in other words, if a number of magical girl canons want to say they're all set in the same Japan, then by all means.

We leave this up to the players' discretion, of course. We also ask if you're apping into one of these casts that you discuss things with the other players, first. We want everyone to be on the same page.
» O O C
So how does the blurring/changing thing in Coba work?
Coba, as a city, is trying to please you by changing to suit your needs. However, with so many different and varied characters coming in and out of the city, she gets a little confused and may mix things up a little. So that horse? May have just became a hoverboard.

How is it controlled?
By you, the player! That isn't to say that there won't be events run by the mods that change the setting for this reason or that, but how much Coba changes is in your hands. It can be as little as or as much as you want, and we invite you to get creative!

All we ask is that you communicate with other players so that the experience and change is fun for all.

Is there a power-cap?
Not as such, characters with special abilities retain the full extent of them. However, some NPCs and buildings are immune to harm.

How does time work?
Coba is it's own time-bubble. While characters are inside the city, their own time will be frozen and while characters are outside time inside will run slower.

Post will have loose time-keeping. First post will be Day 1 - Morning, second post can be Day 1 - Noon, then Day 1 - Afternoon and so forth. Players can jump ahead a little or jump back a little, but we ask that they keep a mostly linear timeline.

In other words, IC: OOC is 3~:1. You can certainly make more posts in an IC day if you like! But that's around where we'd like to keep it.

For easy posting:

WHEN: Day #, Time of Day

What are the AC requirements?
15 comments per character, per month. That's it!

We said it was a laid-back game.

What's this about threading outside of the game?
We would love to encourage players to thread things out outside of Coba proper. For example, Bob has decided to go home and tell all his friends about Coba. Bob's player sets up a post and Bob and friends thread it out.

Come AC Check, if you were to link these threads along with your AC, it may or may not earn you a thing. Said thing will be explained at a later date! But we'd love to encourage people threading things outside of the game and bringing it in.

In other words: outside threads = future surprises.

» I C
Is there a network?
As we mentioned above, we're sorry, but Coba is a mingle/log format game. That means all posts are made in [community profile] cityofcoba.

However, we invite you to make inboxes in your character's journal if they're able to! Or if they're not able to, even. Coba will help you out, after all.

Are there any locations in Coba that won't change?
Yes, there are a few buildings that will remain as they are, though their exact location may change as the city grows. These buildings are the city council, police station, fire department, hospital, and university.

I don't see X on the map but I'd like X to exist!
IT EXISTS NOW. Players are free to make up (and destroy) stuff, go nuts.

But where IS the map?
It's a work in progress at the moment! There will be something more concrete posted once the game opens.

What about languages? Can everyone in Coba understand each other, or is there a language barrier?
Coba will do her best to make sure you understand everyone there, but even then the NPCs might get a little confused by a new language, or the city may get confused and you'll hear everything in Klingon for a few hours.

In other words, we leave this up to you! Go crazy, have wild language antics.

Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail! We'll be happy to answer any questions and clarify anything that may not make sense here.

As a general note, this game is meant to be laid back and fun. If you have an idea you'd like to toss into the game, then let us know! Player-plots are absolutely welcome, and any and all antics that may come from spur-of-the-moments threads. Don't be afraid to be creative!
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[personal profile] nohproblem 2015-06-07 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
QUESTION: Theoretically, would it be kosher to app a set of minor one-note characters who canonically function as one unit, under one app? Something along the lines of this.
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[personal profile] teethteethteeth 2015-06-13 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, I was told to drop this suggestion here as a reminder. So, for the app, could you switch the setting section to before the history section? That way app writers can explain setting concepts before they're referenced in the history.
Edited 2015-06-13 00:07 (UTC)
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[personal profile] very_elaborate 2015-06-13 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
Also dropping as a reminder: On the app page, the first textbox is currently the IC survey, which would be better listed either directly under the explanation for the IC survey or below the app textbox.
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[personal profile] shiroganeheir 2015-06-13 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
A comment: There is no place on the taken page code to put the character's canon.

Might be useful.
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[personal profile] rolemodels 2015-06-13 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I might have missed this, but! Is AC counted as 15 comments on one thread per character (for a total of 30 comments), or would, say, three threads that had five comments each from your character be permissible?
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[personal profile] teethteethteeth 2015-06-14 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
Question, would it be allowable to count test run threads as canon?
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[personal profile] very_elaborate 2015-06-14 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Another question! How does Coba roll with the currency characters have on hand when they show up? (Especially for people who have previous-game currency.) What is the local currency, since presumably people will be earning it as they work?
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[personal profile] very_elaborate 2015-07-02 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
Yet Another Question: Would it be possible to get an IC-days calendar set up? With the elongated day ratio it's hard to tell when things are/when a new day starts.
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[personal profile] louisianawolf 2015-07-02 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
aaaaaaand poking my head in for another quick question, also AC related: What dates will AC go up?

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Can characters contact people outside Coba? I've been assuming no, since the whole time-freeze bubble thing, and that's also why they can't receive outside contact when they're in Coba as well.

Can characters take things out of Coba that don't belong in their time? In a hypothetical question, could they carry a hoverboard with them outside the city, or would it just go up in giant puff of paradoxial smoke?

Piggbacking off that last question, does that also apply to digital stuff? Would character be able to take pictures of something and then shove it the face of someone back home and go, "SEE? SEE??!! HOVERCRAFTS AND CASTLES!!"

breakrecord: (Okay! Let's get lazy!)

[personal profile] breakrecord 2015-07-03 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
No hoverboard pics have been taken yet, but one day!! Eventually!

Thank you for clearing things up!
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[personal profile] entertainheir 2015-07-08 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
So I'm maybe considering someone who can travel dimensions and therefore change settings in very drastic ways - for example, currently in canon he's left dimension A (basically normal Earth with card games) for dimension B (motorcycle card game dystopia) with two other shown-but-unvisited dimensions known to exist. I've got two questions on this.

1) How would this work for the settings part of the application? Do I just describe the character's home dimension? Any of the ones he's been to (which there are currently two of at this point in canon)? All four? If not all four, would I need to update if/when he visits a new one?

2) How would this be worked into Coba's setting? Again, should I stick with the home dimension or go with any dimension he's been to? Are locations from multiple of these dimensions allowed to exist in the city at once?
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[personal profile] entertainheir 2015-07-09 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh, great. That definitely helps - thanks a lot!
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[personal profile] organiccyborg 2015-07-10 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
I see fandom OCs are allowed. If I wanted to app my MMO character, could I, provided I just acted like their major plotline involvement just kind of happened alongside a bunch of other poor adventurers?
organiccyborg: (James [UWAA~])

[personal profile] organiccyborg 2015-07-10 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] uncertaindestiny 2015-07-13 08:03 am (UTC)(link)
So, what happens if a character dies in Coba? Can they die in Coba?
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[personal profile] uncertaindestiny 2015-07-13 08:16 am (UTC)(link)
Okay! (I ask because... yeah. She may kill someone her first night. AKA Cato. IF THAT HAPPENS, WE'LL LET YOU KNOW.)
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I hope this makes sense.

[personal profile] neverlosemyfocus 2015-07-23 09:18 am (UTC)(link)
This is probably a stupid question (FORGIVE ME PLEASE), but it occurred to me and made me curious so I thought I would ask. For AC, regarding backtags... would tags (to an ongoing thread) made during the month of AC count? Or does the thread they're a part of have to be started/posted during the month?
Edited 2015-07-23 09:18 (UTC)
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[personal profile] lockwouldnt 2015-07-24 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Question brought on by this thread: since Coba isn't a jamjar, and characters get to go home - is there any way that they can go visit their friends homes too? Or are they limited only to their homeworlds?

(IE, in this case, Yuya heading back to Mystic Falls with Tyler or Tyler getting roped into Yuya's multiple dimensions?)
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[personal profile] lockwouldnt 2015-07-24 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Gotcha! Thanks so much for clearing that up. c:
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[personal profile] teethteethteeth 2015-08-04 02:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I saw the question about bringing people back to your world. I suspect bringing people into Coba can't be done. Is this correct? It's something that came up.
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[personal profile] teethteethteeth 2015-08-06 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)
That clarifies that! But it also leads to a different, sticky question: what's the policy on NPCing? See, I failed to consider that Sugar would naturally want to bring her own daughter into the city at some point. Should I have done a combo app in the first place? But that seems intended for characters that're inseparable, and Sugar regularly leaves her daughter at home while she goes to Coba (she feels secure in doing so thanks to no time passing while she's in Coba). It's not like I would be regularly playing the daughter. But while the daughter technically is an appable character, it's extremely unlikely as the daughter would effectively be an OC like Sugar is. And being six, she's still very dependent on her mother.

In this case, Sugar wants to bring her daughter in to have her photograph taken by Peter Parker. What should I do? Just NPC the daughter? Submit a combo app? Simply not play the daughter and handwave the whole situation? I don't know.