Mods of Coba ([personal profile] cobamods) wrote2015-05-29 10:03 pm


» O O C
▶ First and foremost: respect your fellow players. Treat others how you want to be treated, and act like adults. We act on a No Tolerance policy, and will hand out strikes on a case by case basis.

In other words, don't be a dick. We're all here to have fun.

▶ No godmodding, no bullying, and keep in contact with your fellow players. Communication is a good thing! Don't be afraid to chat with each other about goings on with your characters.

▶ IC =/= OOC. In tying in with the first two rules, remember that a character's words and actions DO NOT reflect that of the player, and vice-versa.

▶ Please don't hesitate to bring any and all problems to your mods. We're here to make sure the game run smoothly and everyone has a good time! While we do encourage you to work out any issues between yourselves, we're also here to help if should the need arise.

» I C
▶ If a thread needs a warning, then please label it appropriately. This goes for anything from gore to sex. We won't ask you to move the thread to a post in your journal (though you're more than welcome to if you want!), but use discretion when playing things out in the community!

IC ACTIONS HAVE IC CONSEQUENCES. We won't tell you not to step on that building with your Gundam, but there will be a punishment for your destructive tendencies. This will vary depending on the action and other factors, so please consider what you're doing carefully!

▶ Dying! Death isn't permanent, but there are lasting consequences if a character dies in the city. So we suggest you stay alive.
» A P P I N G
So you want to app to Coba! THAT'S WONDERFUL. We only have a few guidelines for applications.

▶ Canon, original, CRAU, AU, and PSL characters are welcome!

▶ We don't allow players to app real people; HOWEVER, if you're apping Abraham Lincoln from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, then that's a different story and meets our application requirements.

▶ We also allow Fandom OCs, but ONLY if they have no relation to the main characters in the canon. In other words, you're more than welcome to app your mutant superhero OC from the Marvel universe! But if they're Wolverine's daughter, than we're sorry to say that we won't be able to accept your application.

▶ Doubles! We allow doubles, so if one person wants to app Tony Stark from MCU Movieverse and another wants to app Rule 63!Tony Stark, then that's allowed. On the same note, if you want to app Cloud Strife from Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, that falls under the same rule.

▶ If you've read everything here, congratulations! Please feel free to check out our reserves and application pages!